Marty Robbins - Big Iron (Fallout New Vegas)

06 Oct 2010 04:02 10,708
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Black Mountain Radio, one of Fallout New Vegas' radio stations featured on the game. One of the songs they play is Big Iron by Marty Robbins.


Alternate Lyrics by Apocol0id

To the city of New Vegas came a courier one day,

Hardly spoke to folks in Freeside 'cause they rubbed him the wrong way

Didn't talk to Kings or junkies, made sure not to get off track,

For the courier there in Freeside had a Minigun on his back (x2)

It was late into the evening when he made it to the strip

Plenty folk had offered money, but those quests he had to skip

He was bent on finding Benny, pay him back for his attack

He was there to kill him benny with the minigun on his back(x2)

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